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Smoothie MIX


9 sachets = 9 hypocaloric meals

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Mix, match and design your own smoothie meal replacement diet. You control when you compensate for any over-indulgent meals that you may have gone overboard on, or when you simply want to enjoy a light and healthy meal, without too much effort. You don’t have to plan anything, just store your Smoothie MIX variety pack in the pantry and prepare one whenever you feel you need it.

The packs contains 3 different recipes to choose from: 3 Green Smoothie sachets, 3 Red Fruits Smoothie sachets and 3 Cacao Smoothie sachets. All three are made from a mix of fruit, vegetables, vegan protein and superfoods, all in powder form which is extracted directly from the fresh product via a dehydration process.

  • Convenient and flexible: there is no need to plan in advance. All you need is your sachets and you choose when and where you do your diet.

  • Maximum satiating effect: they are hyperprotein smoothies (39,2% vegetable protein).

  • Weight-loss: hey are hypocaloric smoothies which promote weight-loss, whilst meeting all your daily nutritional needs and providing a satiating effect to help you stick to your diet.

llena el shaker


Fill your shaker up to the corresponding line with cold or tepid water
(Main meal: 400 ml, Snack: 300 ml).

abre el sobre


2. Open the corresponding DRY sachet (Main meal: 60 mg, Snack: 30 mg). Pour the contents of the sachet into the shaker and close firmly.

bebe tu agua Dietox


Shake the mix for 30 seconds.
Your smoothie is ready!

Once you have prepared your smoothie, consume within one hour.

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