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Energy Multipack

1 Pack of Energy Black Tea + 1 Pack of Antiox Green Tea

£ 18.00

Do you need an energy boost to start off the morning and keep you going through the afternoon?  Kick-start yourself and improve your concentration levels with these 2 organic detox tea blends.

At breakfast (between 8 and 11 AM), substitute your coffee for this organic black tea with a hint of mango. In the late afternoon, around 5PM, drink a cup of our organic green tea with notes of lemon, and tread on full-speed ahead.

A brilliant alternative to caffeine and sugar-based artificial stimulants.
 Let these 2 natural organic teatox drinks sweep you off your feet.

You’ll feel the rush of energy at once!


Its beneficial action on digestion wards-off feelings of stomach heaviness before bed.

By taking it after a light dinner, you’ll sleep better all night.

Boost your absorption of nutrients while sleeping.

Main ingredients



Cleanses your body and adds a plethora of minerals.



Improves digestion and prevents stomach heaviness after meals.



Induces a soothing state of calmness before bed.

INGREDIENTS: Organic lemon balm, organic chamomile, organic orange blossom, organic lemon verbena, organic lavender and organic thyme.