What is the #ReLoveMood?

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This month we´re launching the ReLove Plan, a detox plan designed to make your return to routine as painless as possible and keep it from being depressing. We say NO to the post-holiday blues and welcome in a new type of mood inspired by our own love for ourselves.

Together with the ReLove Plan, #ReLoveMood is born, a growing movement that promotes a very specific state of mind: loving yourself again, and loving yourself more.

We all come back from our holidays with a lack of enthusiasm to start again and with feelings of guilt from all the temptations we have fallen victim to. At Dietox, we want to propose a different approach: come back from your holidays to love yourself again.

Let´s love ourselves again. Let´s recuperate everything we like about ourselves and share it with the whole world. Like yourself, pamper yourself, take care of yourself, kiss yourself, smile at yourself!

It’s time to get back the best in each of us, reconnect with our true essence and rediscover all the qualities that make us who we are.


By spreading the #ReLoveMood movement via social media and throughout our day to day lives. From now on, every time you upload a photo to your Instagram where you feel pretty, divine, fantastic, cheerful, sexy, happy, grateful, etc. add the hashtag #ReLoveMood and invite everyone to do the same. Because loving yourself is free and it feels amazing.

¡Spread the #ReLoveMood!

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