Top teeth whitening foods

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The colour of our teeth says a lot about our eating habits. Many people are embarrassed by their yellow or dark coloured teeth when talking or smiling, which has meant that lately many different products and specific techniques for teeth whitening have popped up. Habits such as smoking and alcohol consumption, which negatively affect our dental health, should be stopped if we want to be able to show off a healthy and white set of teeth. On the other hand, other practices such as kissing can help to prevent oral problems, and there are also key foods which we should include in our diet if we want to whiten our teeth and be able to show off our best smile.


5 foods that help whiten teeth



It alkalinizes saliva, and in doing so, protects against the appearance of yellow coloured teeth. Lemons are also rich in vitamin C, as are all citrus fruits, making them great antioxidants and causing them to have anti-bacterial properties for the mouth.



Strawberries are rich in vitamin C, meaning their antioxidant effects are superior to those of other citrus fruits. They help eliminate free radicals and also have anti-bacterial properties. And if that wasn’t enough, due to their high content of collagen, they also help to heal sores and cuts in the mouth.



Drinking water helps maintain healthy teeth, as drinking the recommended daily amount of water hydrates cells, which in turn keeps enamel in much better condition.


Cheese accelerates the neutralization of acids and contains calcium, phosphates and casein, a dairy protein which protects against demineralization.

Milk also contains calcium, phosphates and casein, and the sugar present in milk and lactose causes less tooth decay than other sugars. 


Activated carbon

Despite being black, activated carbon is an excellent tooth whitener. Some of you have asked us “How can something black whiten our teeth?” The answer is because it balances the pH of saliva which prevents the darkening of teeth.

However, we should be careful with this recent trend of brushing our teeth with activated charcoal when in powder form, as when used in this way it behaves like sandpaper on the teeth.
How should it be used then? It should be diluted in water, as you would do with our Dietox® water.


3 foods to avoid in order to maintain white teeth 

Just as we recommend your food “friends”, we would also like to suggest you avoid or reduce the consumption of the following foods foes in order to keep your best smile intact wherever you go:

  1. Wine: stains teeth enamel and it´s tannins difficult calcium absorption
  2. Coffee: stains teeth
  3. Sugars: they are cavity inducing (cause decay)


Look for ways to smile every day, as smiling is the language of intelligence.

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