How Do Colours Influence Your Mood?

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Carnival is just around the corner, and that means we’re about to see the streets of some countries fill up with colour, music and costumes that are sure to not leave anyone cold.

In today’s post, I’ll be going over the influence of colours on our mood. Moreover, some hues help us leave a state of stress behind or even change our point of view.

Don’t believe it? Read on:

The Influence of Colours

Each colour conveys a meaning on the person, giving rise to a particular feeling or to a lasting emotional state. At times, a colour may be affecting us without us noticing, but we know we’re somehow being affected by it.

Below, I’ll be explaining the meaning of some of the most common colours we encounter in our day to day:


This hue gives us the strength and the drive to face difficult situations while exuding self-confidence. But it also has some negative connotations: too much red can be exhausting, as it tends to raise the heart rate, so it’s not advisable to use it excessively throughout the day.


It gives us that touch of joy and madness to face life with optimism. In addition, it helps us breathe properly, resulting in full emotional balance.


This is the colour that keeps us calm and serene, while also lowering the heart rate. Its use is recommended in cases of insomnia, excitement, and tiredness.


This cold hue, like green, exudes calm, trust and tranquillity, making very useful in times of stress and anxiety.


Get the most out of each colour in every situation!

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