Set up your very own spa at home in 7 steps

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When it comes to looking after oneself, the money excuse loses validity. We often dream of luxury spas or baths to try out and to indulge in all types of treatments for our skin and hair, but we often forget that true comfort is only found at home.  It’s about time we made some room in our busy agendas (and bathrooms) to organise a full spa session at home, with everything it implies: relaxation, beauty products, cosmetics, inner and outer cleansing, and time off for ourselves.

spa at home

Setting up your own spa at home is much easier than you think, but it requires some preparation.  These are the basic steps you should follow to be transported to a luxurious paradise where to disconnect from the world without leaving your home:


  1. Switch Off Your Mobile

Yes, you’ve not even started setting things up but your care ritual has already begun. You’ve chosen this moment for yourself alone and it should be yours from beginning to end. There’s no need to share it with anyone other than yourself.

  1. Set the Stage


You can choose between your bathroom or any other room you find inspiring and relaxing. The important part is to create an atmosphere that matches your mood: choose colours that transmit tranquillity and cleanliness. You’re going to have a good time there so try to not let anything unsettle you or make you nervous.  Scented candles, indirect or dimmed light, clean towels, clear surfaces, etc.

  1. Choose the Protagonists

organic cosmetics

Only you know what products are best for the needs of your skin and hair. Get those gems out of the cabinet and arrange them in the order you’ll be using them in. Then start imagining every sensation and how each product will benefit you.

  1. Choose a Soundtrack

Silence can be good company at times like this, but a relaxing tune can also help induce that state of relaxation we are after. There are thousands of special playlists with relaxing chill out music that are perfect for this moment of switching off. However, it’s also a good time to listen to that artist or song that moves you and helps you connect directly to your most sensitive part.

  1. Immerse Yourself

have a bathtub

If you have a bathtub, it’s a no-brainer that you should fill it up to the top and slowly slide under the bubbles, feeling the warmth of the water, getting your hair wet, and releasing all tension from your body. If you don’t have a bathtub, just lie down horizontally in a comfortable place and start feeling the weight of each of your limbs, from your lower to your upper body until you get to the head. Loosen up your vertebrae, close your eyes, relax the muscles of the face and immerse yourself in your own thoughts. Fly.

  1. Pamper Yourself

After a few minutes of free flight, come back down to reality and start paying attention to your skin and hair. Start off by scrubbing your body with a natural scrub gel or with just a little soap and some coarse salt. Rub it in well to activate the blood flow and thus prevent cellulitis, but don’t scrub too hard as it could irritate your skin. Take some time to also put on your favourite cleansing shampoo and give yourself a scalp massage: press your fingertips down into the various parts of your scalp, playing special attention to the temple area and breathe in deeply.

  1. Look After Yourself

Look After Yourself

Take a warm shower to rinse all products off your hair and skin. Wrap yourself in your fluffiest towel or bathrobe and take a seat. It’s time to look after your face. Apply a natural face mask for a few minutes and finish off the treatment by refreshing the skin with an organic facial serum to protect it and to get an instant lifting effect.  After this, give free rein to your whims: give yourself a manicure, a pedicure, work in some slimming cream, firming oil, a moisturising hair mask, etc. Enjoy looking after yourself. You’re in charge.

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