The key to maintaining one’s ideal weight is to combine a balanced diet and regular physical activity. Nothing new up to here but, why do we always assume that a physical activity inevitably implies a gym subscription or torturous sessions we absolutely detest? What if exercising was a pleasure? And what if it was orgasmic?

This was the conundrum that gave rise to a study at the University of Quebec, Canada, titled Energy Expenditure during Sexual Activity in Young Healthy Couples. The study basically researched the energy expenditure during sex, and how the number of calories consumed is comparable to that of other sports.


To start with, the data indicate that men burn an average of 120 calories during 30 minutes of intercourse, while women burn 90. That’s why it has been stated that one hour of sex can be comparable to 30 minutes of running.

The conclusions drawn from this study published by the Public Library of Science have given rise to a new trend known as sexercise, consisting in making the most of sexual encounters, exploiting their fat burning potential so that they can substitute a Spinning or Body Pump class. In other words, less gym and more bed.

This type of couple’s workout is also good for speeding up the metabolism, as the contact between bodies leads to a thermal adjustment with a stimulating effect on the body. If practiced first thing in the morning on an empty stomach, the calorie expenditure is even greater, as the body, being devoid of food, resorts to stored fat reserves for energy.

There are several techniques and specific tips to make the most of sexercising, which, on the other hand, could also come in handy for intensifying the relationship and rekindling the flames of passion. These involve changes in position, rhythm and speed to burn more calories and build up excitement. All muscles are at work during intercourse, so it all boils down to choosing the right position to tone our areas of interest: the abs (the bridge), the glutes (cowboy), the triceps…

exercise couple

And should you have any doubts, this sex calculator makes it easier. You just have to enter the details of the position, intensity and duration of the deed to figure out the number of calories burnt. Keep in mind that in just 45 minutes of sex (including foreplay) you’ll have burnt off the calories of a croissant. Pleasures that balance each other out!

Your workout plan can start this very night. Ready to sexercise?