What are this season’s colours?

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Spring has arrived and the good weather means it’s time to transition to spring wardrobes, change up the colours, and get in the mood for spring!

Nothing makes us happier than getting ready to bring out those bright colours after a dark and dull winter, and that’s why we are here to remind you what this season’s top colours are so you can start to think about your own colour combos and be the fashion queen of spring.

We love colours at Dietox and that’s why we have decided to put together a new SUMMER EDITION which can be coordinated wonderfully with all of your outfits. New ingredients and new colours coming soon!

This year’s spring-summer fashion is loaded with bright and bold colours, but most importantly is inspired by nature, which is what we love the most about it. We have selected a few of the stand out colours of the season.

Greenery green is the number one colour for 2017. It musters feelings of calmness, tranquillity and a connection to nature, as it reminds us of ingredients such as Aloe Vera, which is especially effective in tissue regeneration. It is best worn in the shape of light garments, such as blouses or shirts, and can be paired with a hint of yellow to really bring out the colours vibrant touch.

Talking of yellow… you will most likely have seen that this year’s Fashion weeks are full of yellow, especially the famous Primrose Yellow, which brings vitality and energy to our wardrobes, just like a good dose of banana and pineapple first thing in the morning. It is best worn as light mid-season jackets or even on skirts and shorts, paired with neutral tones such as beige, although it is also great as an eye shadow colour, as it brings light to your eyes.

Calling all lovers of blue! This year there are two tones to bear in mind: Lapis Blue and Niagara Blue, one which is more intense and the other which is light and fresh. Lapis Blue is better suited to evening looks and we can even give it a bit of an uplift by pairing it with a strong red or orange. Niagara is more of a daytime colour, for trousers or bomber style jackets, and has a more informal feel to it.

Finally, we have fantastic pink. Pink Yarrow is a showstopper this season and takes us right back to the 80s. It’s a very striking and tropical colour, ideal for showing off your summer tan and promenading down the beach like a goddess. Wear it with bikinis, t-shirts and accessories. For a more discreet or sophisticated look, we recommend the slightly softer version of pink called Pale Dogwood, which is paler, more relaxed, and great for more romantic and innocent styles.

Now you have your basic colour palette, it’s time to get combining looks and playing around with them, which is really where the fun starts. Try mixing up different colours, be brave and daring, and welcome in the colours with open arms.

Don´t forget that we will soon be unveiling Dietox´s chosen seasonal colours and we are looking forward to sharing our new recipes with you!


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