Love yourself again with the 7 day ReLove Plan

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Let’s kick off the new season with our batteries recharged!

After Resetting your Body during your holidays, it´s the perfect time to start the new season off with a plan. A plan that we have designed while you rested. A plan where the main objective is to show you how to love yourself again, in a holistic way, both on the inside and the outside.


What does the 7 day ReLove Plan do for you?

The ReLove Plan will show you how to:

  • Recuperate after the holiday excesses.
  • Get back into a healthy routine.
  • Pay attention to every moment of your day and give it the importance it deserves.
  • Work on key aspects of your self-esteem so you can get the best out of yourself.
  • Give your body and your mind the rest they need.
  • Go back to loving yourself a lot, and a lot.


What can you achieve with the Dietox 7 day ReLove plan?

  • Feel lighter.
  • Clean your body and free it of all excesses consumed.
  • Boost your energy levels.
  • Eat a healthy diet and avoid snacking between meals.
  • Learn the basic guidelines to start your healthy lifestyle.
  • Start from scratch knowing you´re doing it right.



The 7 keys to the ReLove Plan

summer detox juices

3 days of Organic detox juice therapy

You will receive 18 detox juices made from ecologically sourced products, 100% natural, and fresh & ready to drink during the next three days.

dietox water

Dietox water

Compliment your detox therapy by alkalizing your water. Its Vitamin and Active Carbon content will strengthen the detox and antioxidant effect and keep your defences nice and strong.

Happy Elixir

The ideal remedy to avoid cravings. Take it with you wherever you go and calm your appetite when you need it.

Flash Serum

An organic face serum with flash effect so you can show off a perfect face in just 3 minutes.

Dietox Cooler

Your juices and your detox menus will accompany you throughout all of your moments without losing their freshness.

ReLove Booklet

Recipes, advice, shopping list.. you´ve got it all.

ReLove Manual

To recover your body and mind, it’s important to work on our emotions. This Manual will be your personal coach to help you achieve your goals. You will feel better than ever.



The Chocolate guilt-free way!

It´s true, our menus and recipes awaken interest in many of you. For example, in the ReLove Plan you will find the #HEALTHYMIND salad, #BEAUTY cream or the #SUNSHINE rice.

As a sneak peak, we can tell you that CHOCOLATE is allowed in the ReLove Plan. Yes, you are reading this right! Because taking care of yourself doesn´t mean you can´t enjoy yourself.

Starting again is difficult, but it´s always worth it in the end.

Do you want to start now?



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