Recover Your Abs in 5 Steps

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Christmas, reunions, the start of the new year… They’re all still cause for celebration but also the reason for those 4-5 extra pounds you’ve been wanting to lose for some time. And, what if I gave you the 5 keys to recovering your abs in 5 steps?

1.- The 7 Day Advance Plan:

A perfect 7 day plan: 2 days of juice therapy + 5 days of a cleansing diet.

Do a more comprehensive detox therapy for 7 days, cleansing your body inside and out. Achieve it by doing 2 days of organic detox juices and following a cleansing vegan diet for the remaining 5 days.

2.- Organic Slimming Cream:

recover your absThe natural ingredients in this organic slimming cream will have your skin looking smoother and firmer: seaweedgreen coffeecentella asiatica…  In addition, the rest of its ingredients help reduce cellulite, boosting the natural production of collagen while deeply moisturising the skin.

This organic slimming cream* is suitable for all skin types.

*All our cosmetics are organic, vegan, paraben free and not tested on animals.

3.- Core Workout:

Are you aware of our YouTube channel? You’ll need no more than 7-8 minutes a day to strengthen your abs from home, at any time of the day, whenever you prefer!

4.- Infu-Te Multipack:

Energy, vitality, improved digestion, concentration, satiety or relaxation?

Whatever your needs may be, we have a detox tea or infusion for each situation.

The Infu-Te Multipack box includes 3 envelopes of each type of tea and infusion in our range, all of them organic. You’ll be able to enjoy them throughout the day.

Give yourself a few minutes… You know you deserve them!

5.- Happy Elixir Anti-Cravings Mouth Spray:

recover your abs“Help! I have a craving! What do I do?”

Our HAPPY ELIXIR helps prevent snacking between meals, giving you an overall feeling of wellbeing  thanks to its high tryptophan content, while bringing you loads of vitamins and freshening your breath.

As you can see, it’s a very complete product that’s easy to carry on you to sate your appetite at those most critical times of the day. Moreover, your breath will stay fresh all day long.

Refreshing Mint Flavoured Mouth Spray – 0 Kcal

Don’t wait until summer to get back your six-pack  and show it off also in the winter time.


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