Pre-wedding detox diet for brides, bridesmaids and guests

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Wedding season is around the corner, and whether you’re a bride to be, a bridesmaid or a guest, you’ll surely want to look fantastic on the big day. Perhaps you’ve already tried a few miracle diets to shed those couple extra pounds so that your dress fits like a glove, but have you thought of detoxing your body?

Beyond going on an express diet for fast weight loss, it’s advisable to prepare your body to rid itself of what it doesn’t need, so that besides losing weight easily, it can function better, looking healthier and more radiant. The effects are visible both physically and mentally. And if you are the bride, your body and mind will surely welcome a little break.

There are many types of detox diets but they all share one thing in common: they cleanse your body using fruits and vegetables. The high fibre content of detox diets activates your metabolism and prevents bloating, so that no dress stands in your way.

To lose weight before a wedding, feeding patterns need to be adjusted in the months leading up to it, taking the time to look after oneself properly. That’s the only way to cleanse the body inside and out, making the most of your natural beauty. If you set your mind to it, you can be the perfect bride in just 6 months: your skin will glow and your hair will shine like never before, you’ll gain in health, and above all, you’ll feel happy with yourself, which is the most important aspect.

Here are some examples to help you create your own pre-wedding detox diet:

detox diet


1 Apple

2 Slices brown bread

1 Teaspoon olive oil

Green tea



6-8 Strawberries

5-6 Walnuts

1 Detox green juice



Sautéed pasta with prawns and green asparagus

2 Slices brown bread

Relaxing infusion



Green tea

1 Skimmed yogurt



Warm spinach salad with egg

2 Slices brown bread

Relaxing infusion


End the day with a soothing shower, pamper your skin with natural products, exfoliate it, and then moisturize.  In addition, including a yoga routine in your detox preparation for the wedding will yield spectacular results. You’ll feel it, and so will everyone else.

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