New MidSeason Edition of Dietox Juices

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Autumn is in the air around every corner and little is left of that idyllic summer we’ve left behind. It’s time to strap on our boots and strut our way through this fall season which, truth be told, we also do love. And Dietox wants to walk beside you.

One of Dietox’s defining characteristics is the wide variety of ingredients coupled with constant innovation. Every year, we launch two different editions of detox juice therapy with season-inspired blends made from seasonal ingredients. Always on trend! This year, and as a first, we’ve wanted to also celebrate autumn, thus creating Dietox’s limited MidSeason Edition.

A greater volume, enhanced detox effects and a stunning variety of ingredients: It contains 38 different ingredients!


Main Benefits of Dietox’s MidSeason Edition

  • More than ever: (2,500 l/day) = Recommended volume to promote water balance while preventing water retention from excessive consumption of fluids.
  • All juices contain plant based proteins (quinoa, spirulina, brown rice, cashew nuts, pea and chlorella).
  • Our most varied edition: 38 different ingredients.
  • Containing our greatest number of superfoods to date: 15 in total!
  • One of the editions with highest sating power and an enhanced, immediate detox effect


Nutritional Features of Dietox’s MidSeason Edition

    • 1000 kcal / day approximately.
    • 10 fruits.
    • 6 vegetables.
    • 3 types of plant based proteins (quinoa, pea and brown rice)
    • 15 superfoods
    • 2 types of seaweed (Chlorella and Spirulina), which are also great sources of plant based proteins.
    • Other: ginger, cashew drink and dehydrated coconut.


Star Ingredients of Dietox’s MidSeason Edition

KALE – Guaranteed vitality from the very 1st hour of the morning thanks to green tea.

GINGER – Keep your defences fit; whomever said you should “get a cold” in the winter?

GRAPEFRUIT – The key antioxidant this season.

LEMON – The perfect citrus fruit to fight off the cold while supporting the organs responsible for cleansing your body.

COCONUT – Together with cashew nuts, it promotes restful sleep.

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