What is Jumping Fitness and why should you try it

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Working out and fitness have become more fashionable than ever, with new trends, techniques and methods popping up every day to renew our will to continue training and getting into shape. Nowadays, the boredom excuse is no longer valid when it comes to exercising. There are workouts for all tastes.

One of the last trends to take fitness clubs by storm is called Jumping Fitness, and it will take you back to the best moments of your childhood, when you spent hours jumping on trampolines. Many of us miss not going on them now in adulthood, and so this is like a dream come true.

Jumping Fitness consists in 60 minute sessions of various exercises on a trampoline (oftentimes equipped with a handle bar to gain stability for some of the harder moves). The point is non-stop jumping for an hour, combining moves from aerobics routines, switching up the pace and rhythm to keep the body active and strong while having a great time.

Benefits of Jumping Fitness

  • This technique involves activating 400 muscles at once, so its toning and fat burning potential is off the charts.
  • The basis of this workout is core training, controlling all movements as in Pilates but adding gravity changes that increase its efficiency giving you visible results much sooner.
  • It is estimated that a single session can burn up to 700 calories.
  • Moreover, it’s virtually impossible to do more than 60 minutes of jumping fitness without breaking a sweat, so the elimination of toxins is guaranteed.
  • The trampoline softens all your moves, making it the best type of non-impact cardio, particularly indicated for those with joint problems.
  • Our favourite benefit is that it gets you in a good mood. Try spending an hour jumping to music and not smiling… it’s impossible! That’s why it’s such a great antidote for daily stress.


Jumping Fitness is here to stay. Try it and you won’t want to stop jumping.


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