How to make a healthy picnic

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As the good weather creeps in we start to crave new and exciting weekend plans to get out in the fresh air with our other halves, friends or even plans to do with the kids. Those of us who live in the city dream of weekend getaways or daytrips to the beach and mountains so we can let the sun and breeze caress our skin.

When we make plans for outdoor activities, we always ask ourselves the same questions: Where are we going to eat? Does it mean I will have to skip my diet and take a sandwich instead? Will we have to go to a restaurant in order to eat healthy? The answer to all of these existential dilemmas is simple: make a healthy picnic. Take your healthy diet with you wherever you go and enjoy the good weather without compromising on your diet.

If you thought the only option was the usual pack-up sandwich, grab a pen and paper now and take note, as there are so many other ideas for making yourself a healthy picnic:

healthy picnic

Healthy “picnic-ready” meals

We often tend to see tin foil as synonymous with convenience and we end up making some sort of bread based snack for the sake of being easy. But the power of the lunchbox should not be underestimated. Your lunchbox can be used to carry any sort of food you fancy and can be kept nice and fresh by storing it in a portable cooler, not to mention the famous Salad Jars which are storming Instagram. It´s as easy as filling a glass jar with your favourite healthy food and just popping it in your picnic. It´s also a great tip to help you control the portion size of what you eat, as usually a salad jar will fit the equivalent portion of food to one standard meal. The more ingredients you pack in and the more colours you choose, the prettier your jar will look, and the better you will feel when you eat it.

  • Brown rice salad (omelette, peas and carrots).
  • Lentils with carrot and leek (without broth).
  • Hummus with vegetable crudités
  • Couscous with aubergine and spinach
  • Quinoa with pumpkin and courgette
  • Warm corn leaf salad with tuna, potato and walnuts

Desserts for healthy picnics

Fruit is the perfect thing to finish off your picnic. Choose a seasonal fruit, chop it up and skewer them to make it easier to pack away and eat on the go in the fresh air.


The best option to accompany your food is water, avoiding fizzy drinks or alcohol, as they only give you empty calories and make you feel bloated. On the hotter days, iced teas and cold herbal infusions are always a great option: they will keep you hydrated for longer. Last but not least, to top off your healthy picnic, take you Dietox alkaline water with you and add a bit of ice and lemon. It’s the perfect “chic” touch to make your weekend the best possible!

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