Glossy Hair in 5 Simple Steps

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We pay so much attention to our body and to having soft flawless skin, but there are times when we forget the importance of good hair care. There is no need to invest tonnes of time in it, as these 5 simple tips will get you silky, glossy hair that looks healthy all year long.

5 Simple Steps to Glossy Hair:

Glossy Hair in 5 Simple Steps1.- Cleanse your scalp; that is the key to hair growing healthily from the very root.  To achieve it, use hair care products that are not too rich, and make sure to always rinse properly, as any traces of soap can dry out the skin, potentially leading to an itchy, irritated scalp.

2.- Use products that are free from parabens and chemicals. These may, at first glance, make your hair look fluffier but, on the long run, lead to hair dryness that is hard to correct without a good trim. Ideally, use products with natural ingredients, and even better if they’re organic!

3.- Include salvia and rosemary in your hair care routine to prevent premature hair loss. Our organic cleansing shampoo includes them both, as well as aloe vera, rosehip and sea salt, among many other ingredients. It is perfectly formulated to gently exfoliate the scalp (sea salt), to repair and protect locks (rosehip), and to hydrate without leaving your hair oily (aloe vera).

4.- Take 20 minutes out of your week to prepare a hydrating hair mask. Apply it to the lengths of the hair and let it act for at least 15 minutes. You’ll need to rinse it with abundant water, and it will restore that freshly-cut look to your locks.

5.- Watch your diet and keep well hydrated to avoid dry, dull hair.


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