Why is a juice made from fruit and vegetables better than a juice made only from fruit?

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When we talk about detox diets or fasting with cleansing juices, there are often many doubts surrounding their characteristics or benefits. It’s especially important to learn to differentiate between a juice made from both fruit and vegetables and one made solely from fruit. Mainly because they both provide different things and the benefits are not the same.

If what we´re looking for is to cleanse and nourish our body by way of a detox therapy, the recommended option is to drink juices that combine both fruit and vegetables. If they also include some cereals or superfoods, that will increase the feeling of fullness and boost your intake of vitamins and antioxidants.


Why is a juice made from fruit and vegetables healthier?

  1. We will obtain a higher cleansing effect with juices that include vegetables, meaning that the detox effect is also greater, especially if we include vegetables such as celery, onion, asparagus and cucumber.
  2. The sugar content is lower than if you make one from fruit only, meaning they can be included in diets intended for weight-loss without any problems.
  3. On the other hand, the variety of nutrients also increases. However, this doesn´t mean that juices which contain fruit and vegetables make you gain more weight, but instead that they have a higher vitamin content, meaning their antioxidant effect will be more noticeable on your skin.
  4. Your skin will appear more hydrated and beautiful when you consume juices made from fruit and vegetables.
  5. They give us a greater feeling of fullness, as they have a higher fibre content. How can we achieve a higher fibre intake? By including both the juice and the pulp of the fruit and vegetables used in each juice. By combining the juice and pulp from the fruit and vegetables, in addition to achieving a juice which has more body and is less sharp, we will also be able to control our appetite better.


This doesn´t mean that you should give up all juices made solely from fruit, but perhaps you should reduce the amount you drink and choose recipes that combine many different ingredients. The more variety, the healthier it will be, and more fun!


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