An unlimited Dietox is coming. Dietox Premium is here

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Now you know. We just love good news…

Listen up! From now on you can give free rein to your wish to look after yourself every day.  We’ve created Dietox Premium so you can give your body what it needs with a 20% discount. ALWAYS.

There are many who, like you, have discovered the benefits of a healthy lifestyle in tune with the needs of your body. Freeing yourself from everything you don’t need makes you feel lighter and more positive, and that is why our RESET philosophy is gaining ground every day all over the world.

Hitting that RESET button with Dietox makes you smile, feel good, and once you discover it, you certainly repeat. That’s why we’ve decided to make it easy for you.

How? Very simple. We’ve listened to your body and your body says it wants to be Premium.

For just €60 per year you’ll have access to our detox juice therapy, to our plans, infusions, organic cosmetics…  All* with a 20% discount for 1 whole year including nutritional coaching whenever you need it.

Can you hear that? Your body is asking for it. It wants to be Premium.



*Discount not applicable to the Dietox booklet or to subscriptions.


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