New detox juice Summer Edition: your cleansing juices for this summer

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Introducing you to the new Dietox Summer Edition, with the most innovative detox juices made to date. Don´t believe us? Check it out for yourself:

10 new features of the Dietox Summer Edition

  1. The new Dietox Summer Edition comes with the most innovative juices made to date.
  2. It´s a detox therapy that fulfils our daily fibre needs, with minimum calories and fat.
  3. Each therapy is 100% complete with all the vitamins our body needs on a daily basis: A, B12, C, B2, D and B1.
  4. Each juice is specially prepared to cover the average portion sizes we would usually consume throughout the day, with 500ml juices for main meals (1, 3 and 5), and the remaining juices (2, 4 and 6) in 300ml
  5. It has the highest fibre content and provides 100% of the daily amount recommended by the WHO.
  6. It has a higher vegetable content and less fruit.
  7. It contains half the sugar and the pulses mean that carbohydrates will be absorbed slower than usual.
  8. The protein content is much higher, contributing to a feeling of fullness, but with no extra calories.
  9. With the addition of ingredients such as aloe Vera, kale and red wine vinegar, we will obtain a higher detox effect.
  10. Cinnamon, green tea, brown rice and fresh almond milk help to stabilize blood sugar levels throughout the day.


summer detox juices

The 6 star ingredients 


Regenerator – Cleansing 

Aloe vera will become your best ally for operation biking this year! It regenerates our digestive system from start to finish, which in turn helps regulating the digestive process. It also helps organs to eliminate the build-up of toxins and makes their jobs easier.



Satisfying – Nutritious

The pseudo-cereal that is becoming increasingly more popular thanks to its countless benefits, of which perhaps the most notable are its high content of essential amino acids, meaning those which our body is not able to produce, as well as it containing the perfect balance of proteins and carbohydrates.



Antioxidant – Increases libido

It effectively slows the ageing process, improving memory and wellbeing, as well as raising our resistance and energy levels. It helps improve fertility, sexual function and increase libido as it regulates our endocrine system.



Detox – Regulator

It´s the ideal ingredient for a healthy intake of carbohydrates. Being wholemeal means it also provides a high fibre content which helps keep hunger at bay for longer without the need to consume additional calories.



Cleansing – Remineralising

Low in calories due to its high water content. It has a high mineral composition and contains calcium, magnesium, potassium, zinc, is rich in iron, and has a high protein content.



Activator – Antioxidant

Cacao helps increase the production of endorphins, known as the “happy” hormone. Let´s also not forget to mention that it’s a great energy provider, helping revitalize during detox.


summer detox diet

And if that wasn´t enough…

It’s the perfect starting point for your new healthy lifestyle:

  • Immediate weight loss as water retention is slowly diminished as the day goes on.
  • It helps make your skin look softer and more cleansed. You will notice the difference straight away.
  • You will achieve better sleep and rest.
  • You can pair juices with cold teas.
  • You will always feel satisfied!
  • It’s important to respect the order and timeline of each juice (specified on each bottle).
  • Shake each juice, drink and savour the taste for at least 30 minutes.


What are you waiting for? You know you want it!


I want my Summer Edition

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