Are detox cleanses and menstruation compatible?

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The first step towards loving our body is accepting it as it is, with the good and the bad. Us women have a natural ‘archenemy’ that changes us on the inside and on the outside once a month, and it’s time we stopped fearing it.  We need to accept that menstruation forms part of our life, and use the tenderness that characterizes those days to love ourselves even more.

We often get questions about whether it’s advisable or not to do a Dietox detox therapy during your period, and we want to help answer all your questions on this topic.

To start with, it should be made clear that just as our body undergoes changes through the various times of the month, human beings also experience changes throughout the course of the day, regardless of gender.

What happens to the body throughout the course of a day?

The first few hours of the day are the perfect time for our body to rid itself of everything it has accumulated during the night, while we were sleeping. We could say this is its detox moment.

In the evening, the body tends to store up reserves to cover the upcoming caloric expenditure of the last few hours of the day, to keep our energy levels from dropping. It’s important, among other things, to keep a balanced diet to help our body and mind stay energized and lively until the moment in which we leave our worries behind and relax.

At night, the body repairs our tissues so that, among other things, we flaunt beautiful skin the morning after. That’s why we talk of restoring sleep, when we feel truly rested, having slept without interruptions. Dinning early can also help achieve it.

Can I do detox therapies while on my period?

And what happens when you are on your period?

What goes on in our body on a monthly basis? The female body prepares itself for pregnancy, putting us through a hormonal roller coaster every month; whether pregnant or not. What exactly do we go through? Sudden mood changes, abdominal bloating, fluid retention, the odd breakout… There’s an explanation for it all: the hormonal changes we’re undergoing.

Can I do detox therapies while on my period?

We all know that each body is a world unto itself, and that each body behaves differently. Some women are prone to bloating and fluid retention the days prior, while others experience it during the days of their period. Regardless of which category you fall into, you can do a detox cleanse the days before your period, or right after; whichever suits your body best!

What is certain is that juice-based detox therapies are absolutely compatible with menstruation, and they can be of great help when it comes to flushing out excess fluids and relieving bloating. Your body feels the need to rid itself of what it no longer needs, and what better time than this to embark on 1 to 3 days of detox therapy with organic juices?


Feel good with yourself, listen to your body, and most of all, love it as it is!

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