Your definitive detox plan for summer: Operation Body Bliss

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Summer is on the horizon and people are looking for quick tricks to help them slim down or lose weight in a matter of days. It’s time to dig out your summer clothes and start getting ready for bikini season. Operation bikini is a designed for rapid weight loss, but also comes with a series of risks, among which are a possible lack of nutrients and rebound effect.

If you want operation bikini to be successful, we recommend you use view it as a starting point in achieving the end goal of leading a healthy lifestyle. Use it as an opportunity to change your mind-set, and ultimately hit the reset button. Here at Dietox we want to help you make that change and accompany you throughout your journey, in order to make it as easy, comfortable and fun as possible. For that reason we have devised a 7 day detox plan, which has everything you need to help you get ready for summer. It´s not just about losing weight, it will also help eliminate toxins, make you feel lighter and better rested. We want to show you how you can take care of yourself, every single day, starting from today.


What is included in the Dietox Operation Body Bliss plan?

Main benefits

  • Instant detox effect, thanks to 2 days of our organic cleansing juice diet, which is designed to be taken pre and post diet.
  • Note that the 5 day diet (during which you don´t consume any detox juices) is a cleansing process as well as being low in fat, vegan friendly and rich in antioxidants.
  • It´s the only plan that contains our star product for 2017: Dietox water.
  • Thanks to the Happy Elixir mouth spray, you will be able to avoid snacking between meals.
  • Your skin will look healthier and pampered thanks to the types of foods you will consume during the diet plan.
  • The inclusion of our organic cosmetics will leave your skin looking smooth and toned.
  • It’s both easy and practical, as we provide everything ready to go: all menus, detailed recipes and even the shopping lists are included in the booklet for you, as well as daily instructions on how to successfully complete the plan.
  • With an element of exercise, it is the perfect combination to help you show off the best version of yourself, both inside and out.


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