The key to your happiness is… REISHI!

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Reishi is a fungus taken from traditional Chinese medicine and used as a supplement in dishes, infusions, and even smoothies, like our number 2 juice blend.

The benefits of reishi are many, but in today’s post I’ll be highlighting the most notable ones.

The Benefits of Reishi:

reishi contains endorphins1.- Contains ENDORPHINS.

Reishi is a good ally for boosting your mood. Endorphins are known for their role as the ever popular hormones of happiness. We normally release them when partaking in physical activities of medium intensity, and so consuming reishi, will enhance that feeling of wellbeing we get from these hormones.

At the same time, it also lifts your spirits, eases tension, and promotes mental relaxation, transmuting negative energies into positive ones.

2.- Boosts the Body’s Defences.

Reishi is an ingredient with anti-stress, antiaging, antitumoral, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that acts as a powerful regulator of the entire body. Thus it’s advisable to take it at night, so that your body has access to all the ingredients it needs to rebuild itself while you rest.

3.- Helps Us Recover Our Vitality.

Reishi helps us keep adequate levels of energy while reducing feelings of fatigue and the symptoms of stress, besides easing chronic fatigue.

4.- The Elixir of Eternal Youth.

benefits of reishi

It boasts a high unsaturated fatty acid content and is also rich in calcium. It contains large amounts of antioxidants, which make the skin look much younger and more radiant. Moreover, it also lowers blood pressure, thus improving blood flow to the heart.

And as if that wasn’t enough, it also lowers blood sugar levels, acting in a similar fashion to insulin, and preventing the oxidative effect that toxic substances can have on the liver.

Why wait any longer to include it in your daily diet?

You’ll find it in our organic detox juice therapy

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