Everything You Didn’t Know About Active Carbon

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Active carbon is an alkalising component used for removing toxins from the organism. For this reason, it’s common- as well as advisable – to include it in alkaline diets. By dieting, we’re helping the body maintain a more balanced internal environment.

For this reason, and among various other ingredients, we’ve included active carbon in our Dietox® Water. You’ll feel its detox effects almost immediately.

What Are the 5 Top Benefits of Active Carbon?

Active Carbon

5 Reasons to Take Active Carbon:

  1. Helps prevent bloating and the appearance of bothersome gas.
  2. Its detox effect is immediate thanks to its interaction with toxins, removing them.
  3. Keeps the kidneys and liver in good condition so they can function efficiently.
  4. Rejuvenates the body, keeping cells away from oxidative substances.
  5. Prevent any virus and bacteria that enter the organism to remain in it, keeping the body healthy and strong.

What is Dietox® Water?

Dietox® Water is the ideal detox solution made with plants extracts, vitamins, green tea and active carbon. It covers 100% OF THE DAILY NEEDS for Folic acid, Vitamin B12 and Vitamin C, while fully preserving the taste of water.

Just by adding one 10 ml vial to 500 ml of water you’ll have turned plain water into your Dietox® Water. Carry it with you wherever you go.

What more could be asked of a water?

I want my Dietox® Water!




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