The Only Fruit of Love Is… Andean Maca!

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Andean maca is the perfect plant for the month of February, the month of LOVE!

Besides boasting great antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, maca is the plant for the month of February for its associations with love.

The Benefits of Andean Maca:

Improves Fertility

In some cases, it improves female fertility owing to its protective effect against stress.  Its regulatory action helps the female body stay in order and function properly without disturbances.

Stimulates the Sexual Function

Andean macaAndean maca regulates the body’s hormonal balance and increases testosterone levels. Moreover, it acts as an aphrodisiac while combating erectile dysfunction and impotence. There are reports of older people stating they feel younger when taking Andean maca.

Enhances Physical Performance

This point draws on the previous one, as it is one of the reasons maca acts as a stimulant of the sexual function. It also improves physical performance in athletes, as it boosts energy and vitality levels.

Boosts the libido

In women, Andean maca mainly affects sexual appetite. This leads to an increased frequency of sexual activity, especially in premenopausal women. The reason behind it is that Andean maca covers any deficiencies in important elements, such as certain hormones, thus acting as a stimulant.

Now you understand why we’ve added Andean maca to Juice Number 6 at night, don’t you?

Give free rein to love!


Picture by @bethnorton.

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