The 6 Dietox moments

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The Dietox Juices Summer Edition comes packed with new ingredients, new recipes, and most importantly: new moments. Moments that are just for you, that make your day. We have 6 juices to accompany you during the first 6 moments of the day. Each recipe has been specially formulated to provide you with the necessary nutrients and energy in order to prepare you to face every part of your routine.

Life is made up of many moments. Pay attention to each of them and choose how you live them, because you are in charge. They are your moments, and if you want, they can even be colourful:

JUICE 1 – Moment 1: #IGetMotivated

Momento 1     
Start the day by visualizing everything you´re looking forward to and everything that you would like to experience today. You just got out of bed, your dreams are not so out of reach, so make the most of them and get planning: what do you need to do, what do you want to do, with who, and where. You can always find something you like doing within your daily routine, whether it is that call you’re waiting for, the afternoon spinning class or simply your detox challenge. Today will be a great day because you have decided to think about yourself.

JUICE 2 – Moment 2: #IGetActive

Momento 2
Time to get organized and get going. Awaken your body and your mind in order to get the most out of the day. Make a list of tasks, starting with the most tedious one: your brain needs time to connect with your creativity, and it´s always better to leave the best till last, right? Take each task from start to finish (as far as you can), don´t leave anything half-done. Have a meeting scheduled? Try not taking your phone and communicate with your colleagues and clients. You are sure to be surprised and surprises always brighten the day.

 JUICE 3 – Moment 3: #ILikeMyself

First Image

Without even noticing, the day has flown by. Now it’s time to wind down, take a break, and enjoy your food: and what´s more delicious than a gazpacho detox juice to bring summer to your taste buds! Take a seat, because you´re going to love this one.

JUICE 4 – Moment 4: #ITakeCharge

Momento 4

Eating light meals will mean the first few hours of the afternoon won´t feel so slow, and will keep your mind active. What’s more, that hint of sugar from the strawberry and raspberry will keep your energy levels up so you can focus on getting everything you need to do done, little by little.

JUICE 5 – Moment 5: #IChoose

Momento 5
Your working day is over, your mind is exhausted, but your body deserves a treat. Time to get out of there, leaving your work behind, to be picked up again tomorrow, and choose an activity that gets your body and soul moving: a dance class, a walk with friends, that photography exhibition you love or a trip to the cinema with your partner. You choose. Feed your desires and you will feel truly satisfied.

JUICE 6 – Moment 6: #ILoveMyself

Momento 6

This moment is only for you. The day is ending and you have made it the best day possible. Now it’s time to disconnect from everything and pamper yourself. Reflect on everything you have achieved today and pick 3 things that make you feel proud. Give yourself a round of applause, because you deserve it. Love yourself and relax. More to come tomorrow!



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