Lack of Energy? Check Out these 3 Superfoods with Superpowers

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With every new food trend, the controversy is served. The truth is that superfoods can be hugely controversial, generating the same number of adepts as detractors. Those who add a superfood to their usual diet, swear by its innumerable benefits. But many will believe that same superfood to be a fleeting trend with benefits that are nothing more than a marketing strategy.

But there´s no debating that superfoods are here to stay and we say “are here” because they’re no novel invention, nor have they just sprung from nothingness.  Superfoods are plants, or the fruits, seeds, leaves… of trees from India, Africa, and Latin America, among other places on the globe.

The only difference is that in the last few years they’ve flooded Europe and we’ve started to see them hit the supermarket shelves.

And why is the “super” prefix added? Are these not normal, everyday foods? Well, check for yourself:


BAOBAB: The Antiaging African Fruit

We all agree that oranges are rich in vitamin C but, what if we told you that baobab fruit contains that same amount times 10? This supplies your skin with elastin, toning it and slowing down ageing.

A single spoonful of Baobab provides:

  • 29% of the recommended daily dietary fibre intake.
  • 12% of the recommended daily potassium intake.
  • 45% of the recommended daily vitamin C intake.

MORINGA: The Antioxidant Tropical Plant

Very few foods can beat the 40 different types of antioxidants found in moringa.  This gives moringa brutal antioxidant properties, in addition to protecting the liver and lowering blood glucose levels.

A single spoonful of Moringa provides:

  • 20% of the recommended daily vitamin A intake.
  • 15% of the recommended daily iron intake.
  • 23% of the recommended daily vitamin E intake.

MAQUI: The Fat-Burning Chilean Fruit

Its effects are similar to those of aspirin against pain and inflammation but without the side effects. Moreover, it prevents the formation of fat deposits as it raises bodily temperature, promoting fat burning.

A single tablespoon of Maqui provides:

  • 30% of the recommended daily vitamin E intake.
  • 15% of the recommended daily iron intake.
  • 30% of the recommended daily vitamin B5 intake.


We do encourage you to add these superfoods to your daily diet (to salads, creamy vegetable soups, yoghurts…) and reap the benefits they can offer you

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” (Hippocrates)

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