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Natural Detoxing Cosmetics 

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Undertaking a detox therapy of cleansing juices has visible effects on our skin and hair. To further enhance results or even just give your skin and hair a cleansing boost, we have created a collection of natural detoxing cosmetics that will help you achieve an instant reset.

The six different products in our range are all free from parabens and additives, made with natural & organically sourced products, and best of all, cruelty free! Our natural cosmetic therapy is characterised by its high content of fruit, vegetables, plants and essential oils, as well as many natural organic active ingredients. Its main function is to perform a deep cleanse on your skin and hair, for instant nourishment.

They have also been specially designed to be easily incorporated into your daily care routine, without having to invest extra time in looking after your skin, and you can also take them with you wherever you go, as they are sized to meet the permitted hand luggage travel requirements.