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Vegan Meal Replacements Shakes 

Dietox Dry is the first dehydrated smoothie powder, made from fruit, vegetables, super foods and vegetable protein, which can also be used as a hypocaloric meal replacement, according to the EFSA (European Food Safety Authority).

They have been developed by the same team of doctors, nutritionists and naturopaths who created the fresh juice therapy with 3 different mixes to be combined throughout the day: Green Smoothie (apple, lemon, ginger), Red Fruits Smoothie (beetroot, raspberry, acai), Cacao Smoothie (cacao, coconut, banana, maca).
Each sachet of Dietox Dry contains 30 g (snack) or 60 g (meal) of fruit, vegetable, vegetable protein and superfoods in powder, with approximately 216 Kcal and your daily intake of vitamins, proteins and minerals, as per recommended by the EFSA. Simply fill your shaker with cold water, pour the contents of a sachet and shake for 20 seconds. Your meal is ready in under a minute.

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