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Intense Reset


3-day full-body cleanse

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This intermittent fasting plan has been specially designed to guarantee a full-body cleanse, at the same time as ensure your body receives all the nutrients it needs as part of a healthy weight-loss process.

Replace your main meals and snacks with dehydrated high-protein smoothies over the course of 3 days and start seeing the weight fly off, without that constant hungry feeling.

Dietox Dry smoothies are the first dehydrated high-protein smoothie meal replacement made exclusively from vegan protein, fruit, vegetables and super foods, in powder form (patented formula), with a satiating effect and just 860 Kcal/day. They're 100% vegan, gluten & lactose free and can be prepared anywhere and everywhere. Simply add cold water to the powder and mix it up in the free shaker you'll receive with your order.

And to make it even easier, this Intense Reset plan also includes our Dietox accelerators, which have proven to be a real hit thanks to their effectiveness at keeping the dreaded hunger pangs at bay in between meals and calming any cravings.

Made using all natural ingredients, both our Snack Balls and SOS Mouth Spray have earned their proud place on the shelf of anyone looking to eat healthy and lose weight without all the suffering.

  • Snack Balls: with the satiating power of Cordyceps and two tasty flavors: Red fruits or Matcha Tea, these 40kcal chewable snacks are free from added sugars and are the perfect addition to your weight loss diet, helping you to stop that hungry feeling in its tracks.
  • SOS Mouth Spray: a minty flavored mouth spray that provides a powerful cocktail of nutrients, including Tryptophan, Centella Asiatica, Melatonin, GABA and Vitamins C, B5, B6 and B12. Ideal for keeping those unhealthy cravings at bay in between meals.

Complete your plan by adding a vial of Fit Water or Vital Water to your everyday routine and turn your water into a potent nutri-cosmetic for instant results.

  1. Fit Water: contains cleansing herbs and Activated Charcoal for a powerful draining and cleansing treatment.
  2. Vital Water: get instant results thanks to this powerful combination of Ginger, L-Tyrosine, Guarana and Açai. Helps fight fatigue as well as improve concentration levels and performance.

See the results for yourself! You'll feel healthier, lighter and more energized with every day that goes by.

meal replacements Dietox Dry

3 days of Dry Detox therapy

15 Dry Smoothies

sos spray

1 SOS Mouth Spray

Our anti-cravings innovation.

vital water

1 Vital Water

Water bottle included.

vital water

1 Fit Water

Water bottle included.

snack balls te matcha

3 sachets of Snack Balls

Matcha Tea & cordyceps Snacks.

shaker dietox

1 shaker Dietox

smoothie Mix

Dry Smoothie Detox Diet


snack balls te matcha

Snack Balls Tea Matcha


snack balls tea matcha

Snack Balls Red Fruits


sos spray

SOS Spray


vital water

Vital Water


vital water

Fit Water

  • Lose weight without going hungry.
  • Compensate for any unhealthy food over-indulgences.
  • Cleanse your body of any toxins and fats.
  • Get back into a healthy eating routine.
  • Eliminate water retention.
  • Fight fatigue and boosting vitality & concentration levels.


(from day 1 to 3)

  • For 3 days following your Dry Detox Diet, you will replace your main meals and snacks with powder-based smoothies.
  • Smoothie preparation:
    1. Fill your shaker up to the corresponding line with cold water (main meal: 400 ml, Snack: 300 ml).
    2. Open your DRY sachet (main meal: 60 g, Snack: 30 g) and empty the contents into the shaker, making sure to close the lid firmly.
    3. Shake for 30 seconds. Your smoothie is now ready to be enjoyed!


(If you need it….)

  • To compliment your diet, you can use the powerful satiating effect of our snack balls to keep hunger at bay between meals.


(If you need it….)

  • Turn to this minty mouth spray to help calm anxiety, reduce stress and keep any unhealthy food cravings at bay.


  • Start your Vital Water treatment as soon as you can. You should use one vial per day for a period of 20 days. You can drink both Vital & Fit during the same day or you can alternate them
  • Preparation:
    1. Shake each vial well before adding to a 500ml-1.5L bottle of water.
    2. If you notice any black residue left in the vial, we recommend you add a small amount of water to the vial and shake again to make sure you benefit from all the properties of this product.
    3. Shake the mix for 20 seconds until well mixed.
    4. Your water is now Dietox water. You can enjoy your Vital/Fit Water at any time of the day, although we recommend you drink it between 9am and 12pm for maximum effect.
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