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Dietoxer Club™

What is Dietoxer Club? It is Dietox’s referral system*.

At Dietox, we love to have everyone feeling beautiful and looking after their body. And we know that if there’s anyone who’s capable of convincing the world of the importance of looking after themselves… that person is YOU.

How does it work? It’s very simple.

With every purchase you make, you can invite whomever you prefer, and they’ll automatically receive 20% off their first purchase.

Important! When they place their first order, you’ll automatically receive a free 10€ (£10) voucher you can accumulate. Your next order could work out free.

Simple, isn’t it?

Because when Dietox becomes #Duetox, it’s twice the fun.

What are you waiting for? Don’t let another minute pass by. Be your best version, spread the beauty, and… accumulate money!

*You can check all the legal information of the Dietoxer Club™ service in our Terms and Conditions.