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At Dietox, we love to offer you the best possible service to ensure that our fresh products reach you with maximum quality. However, this premium service is much more costly than normal, as unlike other products, the cold chain cannot be broken during our products' journey to the customer and delivery needs to be as quick as possible.

  • Our fresh juices are delivered in a polystyrene cooler, filled with ice packs to keep everything cold.
  • The average weight of our shipments is 10kg.
  • Delivery time is very quick but the quicker delivery time, the more expensive it becomes.

All these factors make the delivery costs especially high, which is why at Dietox we pay 50%, sharing the delivery cost with the client. This is because at Dietox, the customer is our number 1 priority, but we simply cannot assume 100% of the shipping cost.


Dietox has all the technology needed to deliver any fresh and perishable products without the risk of compromising their beneficial properties. Our fresh natural juices are delivered direct from our manufacturing lines to your fridge. Since its inception, Dietox has been known for its strict quality control processes when it comes to the manufacturing, warehousing and transportation of all fresh products.

We work with small local suppliers across Europe in order to guarantee the best fresh and organic produce possible. Some fruit and vegetables used are organic and others are not, this varies a little depending on the season, with some produce only being available in frozen form, such as raspberries.

Our detox juices are 100% fresh and cold pressed. They are elaborated without any additives, colouring or thermal processing for their conservation. Dietox fresh products are NOT PASTEURIZED, but instead a technique of high isostatic pressure is applied, known as HPP (High Pressure Processing), which is a process whereby we can preserve the ingredients and properties of the fresh produce at the same time as inactivating pathogenic micro-organisms. Both production methods, unlike conventional processes, maintain the foods´ properties, flavour and natural aromas as they prevent oxygen and from heat reaching the food, which are the two main causes of the oxidation and deterioration of juices.

What does the COLD DELIVERY stamp mean?

It´s our guarantee that the product will arrive fresh, with all its natural properties intact. To ensure this, Dietox uses the most innovative refrigeration technology, which is especially designed to preserve the cooling chain in order to maximise the food´s lifespan.

What journey do Dietox fresh products make?

  1. All juices and shots are made from fresh fruit and vegetables, cold pressed and under high hydrostatic pressure.
  2. They are stored in cold stores at a temperature of -4/-6 Cº during a maximum of 24 hours.
  3. They are then packaged into Porexpan boxes with ice and sealed to conserve the cold temperature for at least 48 hours.
  4. They are shipped via express delivery to wherever you tell us to send them.
  5. In order to avoid breaking the cooling chain, you should keep them cool in the refrigerator.
  6. From deliver, fresh products have a shelf-life of:
    1. Juices: 1 week
    2. Shots: 2 weeks


At Dietox, we continue to work hard from home in order to guarantee a fully functioning service to our customers and ensure that all orders are delivered safely to your home. Our warehouse and logistics personnel are following strict hygiene protocols, equipped with gloves and masks, maintaining a 2-meter safety distance at all times.

In terms of shipping protocols, all courier services working with Dietox have adopted their own special protection measures to prevent any risk of contamination. These measures include avoiding direct contact with package recipients, which means that customers will no longer be required to sign for delivery but will instead be asked to show a valid form of ID to confirm receipt of deliveries.

However, if you would still prefer to wait to receive your order until after these exceptional circumstances have come to an end, simply select your preferred delivery date from the calendar when making your purchase.