Frequently asked questions (FAQ)


What immediate benefits can I expect?

Just one day after starting your detox plan, you will notice a boost in energy and will feel lighter, as your body begins to rest. Your body will also start to eliminate water retention and you will notice a significant improvement in your skin thanks to the increased hydration. Depending on the number of days of juice therapy you do, you can expect to lose an average weight loss of anything from 500g per day, to up to up to 3.5kgs, in just 5 days.

What preparation is required before starting my detox plan?

In addition to your juice day, it’s important to follow a low-fat diet on the day prior to starting your juice therapy, avoiding any foods of animal origin and focusing on a diet that is rich in fruit, greens, vegetables, whole grains and pulses.

You should also pay special attention to the way you cook your food, preferably opting for oven-baking, grilling or cooking en papillote.

It also goes without saying that alcohol and tobacco are out of the question.

How are the Dietox juices made?

To achieve our Dietox detox therapy, we used the latest Cold Pressed technology, by which we cold press the fruit and vegetables, stopping them from being affected by any heat or oxygen sources. We then add the super foods and plant protein before submitting the whole mixture to High Pressure Processing (HPP), which preserves the properties of the fruit and vegetables for at least a week (7-8 days) with the absence of oxygen and heat, as if submerging the juices at a great depth.

This method guarantees the preservation of all nutrients right up until the moment you receive the therapy at home. Your juices are delivered fresh, just as if you bought them freshly juiced, and are ready to be consumed preferably within 7 days from delivery.

How long can I store my juices for?

Ideally you should complete your day of fasting the day after receiving your juices in order to maximize the freshness of this product. The juices should be stored in the fridge and have an approximate shelf-life of 7 days from delivery day. You can choose your preferred delivery date when placing your order so that you can make sure to receive them as fresh as possible.

We use the COLD DELIVERY system to avoid breaking the cold chain, ensuring that the juices withstand the journey to your chosen delivery address.

Can they be frozen?

No. Important nutrients would be lost and the texture would be altered, which in turn would significantly diminish your Dietox experience.

I read that juice diets can be high in sugar… is that true?

First of all, it’s important to highlight that our detox plan is not like ordinary juices. They are juice blends, which means that they are made using fruits, vegetables, grains, pulses and super-foods. The only sugar is that which is naturally occurring in the fruit, and there are no other added sugars. In fact, our juice blends are characterised for being the lowest in sugar you can find on the market, thanks to their mix of vegetable and fruit content.

Will I feel hungry?

This is the main concern of customers joining the detox world for the first time. Accustomed to a continuous rhythm of eating, the words “intermittent fasting” can seem daunting, as it makes it sound like you will be living off air practically. This is not the case at all. Our detox intermittent fasting plans have been specially designed to nip that hungry feeling in the bud as soon as the hunger sets in. Bear in mind that with our detox plans, you will consume up to 6 different recipes a day, every two hours. You most likely leave a lot longer between one meal and another during your normal daily diet, which is why the detox therapy is based on the principles of Chrono nutrition, which means adapting what you eat to your body’s needs, according to the different times of the day.

This means that you won’t really have time to feel hungry, because you will practically be eating nutritious food all day long. That said, we do recommend you take your time to drink your juices, savouring each mouthful and allowing your body to absorb all their nutrients.

Can I exercise whilst on an intermittent fasting detox plan?

There is nothing to say you can’t exercise during a detox plan, although you should of course use common sense and make sure not to exert yourself more than you usually would. In any case, sweating is another great way to cleanse your body, so exercise is always recommendable when at a suitable intensity.

I’m gluten and/or lactose intolerant, can I still enjoy the Dietox juices?

All of our juices are suitable for anyone with a gluten and/or lactose intolerance.

I’m vegan, can I still enjoy the Dietox juices?

All of our juices are suitable for vegans, including the menu for the “pre” and “post” detox days.

Can I do an intermittent fasting detox if I’m pregnant?

We don’t recommend undertaking periods of fasting during this phase of your life, as your body needs even more energy than usual in order to fulfil all of the extra functions it has to carry out, meaning that a caloric restriction would not be wise. You can still consume the detox juices, although not as meal replacements, but rather by incorporating them as a compliment to your normal everyday diet.

Can I drink these juices if breastfeeding?

If you are breastfeeding, we recommend you read carefully all of the ingredients included in each juice. These recipes often include green tea or guarana which are considered to be stimulants and could be transferred to the baby through breastmilk. We therefore don’t recommend combining the detox therapy with breastfeeding.

If I have an allergy to any of the ingredients, can I change the juices in my juice therapy pack or order less juices?
We are not able to send you an incomplete juice therapy pack. All juice therapy packs must always include all 6 juices, from 1 to 6, with no exceptions.


What are the smoothies made from?

Our recipes are made from fruit, vegetables, vegan protein (rice and pea), vitamins, minerals, vegetable fibres and super foods. All the ingredients have been dehydrated and made into powder, maintaining their full nutritional content.

Each sachet of Dietox Dry meal replacements provides approximately 200 Kcal, 20g of protein, 20g of carbohydrates and 3.8g of fat, in addition to all your daily intake of vitamins, proteins and minerals recommended by the EFSA (European Food Safety Authority).

What does “high-protein meal substitute mean”?

High-protein meal substitutes are low calorie products which aim to substitute one or multiple meals per day in order to help control your weight, at the same time as following the guidelines laid out by the EFSA for providing a balanced supply of nutrients.

Both the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and the Spanish Association of Dietists-Nutrionists (AEDN, Asociación Española de Dietistas-Nutricionistas) confirm that the consumption of meal replacement products is safe and enable you to properly follow a high-protein diet, in turn encouraging weight-loss.

Are they protein shakes?

Not exactly, they’re much more than that: they are the first high-protein smoothies made from 100% vegan protein (patented formula) which also include dehydrated vegetables, fruit and super foods.

Do they contain milk?

No. They don’t contain milk or any other ingredient of animal origin.

When do they expire?

The powdered smoothies don’t need to be stored cool, meaning they can be stored for more than 12 months before consuming.

Once the sachet is open, it should be consumed immediately.


What does it taste like?

The Fit Water formula has a very subtle mineral flavour that is almost unnoticeable.

How often should I drink Fit Water?

All of our functional waters have been specially designed as accelerator treatments to accompany the other diets. Ideally you should drink one a month to maintain and consolidate results.

Is Fit Water suitable for pregnant women?

First of all, congratulations on your pregnancy! We would prefer that you check with your gynaecologist before consuming Fit Water, as some don’t forsee any problems and others do.

When do the functional waters expire?

The expiry date is shown on the box and the product has a shelf-life of 12 months.


What does it taste like?

Beauty Water has a subtle cherry flavour.

Is Beauty Water suitable for pregnant women?

There are no known contraindications for pregnant women consuming Beauty Water.


What does it taste like?

Vital Water has a subtle acai flavour.

Are there any side-effects?

There are no known side-effects. All the ingredients used in this formula are completely natural and in principle, should be easily absorbed by the body.

I suffer from anxiety, can I drink Vital Water?

Vital Water is designed to boost energy, make you more alert and stimulate vitality. We do not recommend you consume energizing products if you suffer from anxiety. Ideally, you should check with your doctor first.

Is Vital Water suitable for pregnant women?

We don’t recommend Vital Water during pregnancy due to its stimulating ingredients such as guarana and L—Tyrosine which can affect the nervous system and which may impact the wellbeing of your baby.


Can I use the morning shots if I’m also following a detox plan?

Of course, what’s more it’s the perfect combination, which is why we include them in the majority of our combined plans.

Is it compulsory to consume them on an empty stomach?

Not necessarily. We recommend you consume them first thing in the morning in order to maximise their effects, but there is no real restriction on when you can consume your Fresh Morning Shots.

What do they taste like?

They are made using fresh turmeric and ginger, so they taste just like these super foods. The flavour is intense but as it’s a shot that is designed to be consumed in one go, it’s perfectly bearable.

Is there any risk of increased blood pressure?

The Fresh Ginger shot may have side effects for anyone suffering from high blood-pressure. We recommend you check with your doctor before consuming.


When will my order arrive?

Fresh products (FRESH detox juices and Fresh Morning Shots): : You can select the delivery day from the calendar when you make your order. We do not deliver on Mondays, so if you want to start your detox at the beginning of the week, we recommend you place your order on the Friday before and store your fresh juices in the fridge until Monday.
Dry products (DRY meal replacement Smoothies and functional waters): you don’t need to choose a delivery date for these. Calculate a delivery period of 24-48 hours.

Can I choose the delivery time?

You can choose whether you would like your order to be delivered in the morning or afternoon for a small extra charge. We are not able to guarantee an exact delivery time, as this depends on the courier service.

I’m not at home much, what other options do I have?

We recommend you choose a delivery address where there will be someone to receive your package at all times (at your workplace, or at a family member or neighbour’s house…). Please be reminded of the following clause in our terms and conditions:

“It is the User’s responsibility to be make sure they are available at the time of delivery. If we are unable to deliver your order, it will be registered as “customer is absent” and we will try to find a secure place to leave your parcel. If we cannot find a safe place, your order will be returned to our depot. We will leave a note to explain where you can find your parcel and how to re-arrange delivery. If you will not be available at the delivery location on the selected delivery date, please get in contact with us to re-arrange delivery for another day.”

What journey do the Dietox fresh products go on from production to delivery?

  • All juices and shots are made cold, using fresh fruit and vegetables, under high hydrostatic pressure.They are stored in cold stores at a temperature of -4/-6 Cº for a maximum of 24 hours.
  • They are then packaged into Porexpan boxes with ice and sealed to keep them cool for at least 48 hours.
  • They are sent out for express delivery to the address you provided.
  • You should store them in the fridge as soon as you receive them to make sure you don’t break the cold chain.
  • Do you deliver to the Islands?
  • Unfortunately not. At the moment, we are unable to deliver to the islands. Our juices are so fresh that we cannot guarantee they would arrive on time and still in a good condition, as transport to these locations takes more than 24-48 hours. Nevertheless, we are working on it and hope to offer delivery to the islands very soon.

Can I pay upon delivery?

No. Our payment methods are as follows: credit card or PayPal.