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Winter Reset

Fall in love with your body

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Winter Reset

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During this month of love and also cold... we challenge you to fall in love with your body until you feel ready to strut your stuff in the street in your bikini!

Up to 3 kg, with no rebound effect.

DAYS 1 & 2: Intensive detox to reset your body: start with a deep cleanse and detox in the form of a semi-fasting diet by undertaking our detox FRESH juice therapy over two consecutive days. 6 vegan recipes for every day, made from fruit, vegetables and super foods, which will give your digestive system a well-deserved rest, as well as helping you to lose weight & volume, whilst boosting energy levels. Our fresh cold pressed therapy provides a total of 870 Kcal/day. It is unpasteurised and free from preservatives and artificial colours. The recipes from the 2019 Winter Edition contain over 50 premium ingredients and are gluten & lactose free, as well as being 100% vegan.

DAYS 3 & 4: Vegan protein to lose weight and improve definition: the secret to losing weight (without that constant hungry feeling) and creating a more contoured figure lies in reducing your calorie intake and increasing the amount of protein you eat. Continue your plan with two more days of a 970 Kcal/day diet in which you will consume 6 dehydrated high-protein smoothies, replacing the 3 main meals of the day and 3 snacks. By using our patented smoothie recipes, which are gluten & lactose free and 100% vegan, you guarantee a reduced calorie intake, helping you to reach your goals.

Compliment your plan with a 20-day Beauty Water treatment to help restore your skin's beauty and firmness from the inside, after harsh weather conditions have taken their toll. Add one vial per day to water, and feel the instant effects of their amazing active cosmetics without needing to be digested. You will soon begin to notice the anti-aging benefits, resulting in fresh-looking, beautiful and protected skin. Beauty Water can be consumed throughout the year to compliment and maximise the effects of your beauty regime.

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12 FRESH juices

fresh juices

12 juices and cream soups

12 dry smoothies - meal replacements

meal replacements Dietox Dry

1 Beauty Water - 20 vials

beauty water

With complimentary glass bottle.

Nutritional Value

FRESH juice therapy

fresh juice therapy


DRY Smoothies

dry smoothies



  1. Cleanse your body of toxins and fat.
  2. Lose weight without feeling hungry.
  3. Get back into healthy eating habits.
  4. Visible effects on your skin including improved hydration, elasticity and youthful appearance, with extra resistance against adverse weather conditions.



  • Clear a space in your fridge so you can store all 4 juices and 3 cream soups, keeping them nice and cool.
  • You should not consume any solid foods during these three days. Only drink your juices, following the order and timeframes indicated on each of the bottles. You can also drink water, tea and herbal infusions.
  • Shake each bottle before opening. The vegetable cream soups (nº 03 and nº 05) can be consumed warm, but the bottle is not microwave proof; you should warm them in a microwave safe bowl.


  • For the 2 days following your Fresh Therapy, you will replace your main meals and snacks with powder-based smoothies.
  • Smoothie preparation:
    1. Fill your shaker up to the corresponding line with cold water (main meal: 400 ml, Snack: 300 ml).
    2. Open your DRY sachet (main meal: 60mg, Snack: 30mg) and empty the contents into the shaker, making sure to close the lid firmly.
    3. Shake for 30 seconds.Your smoothie is now ready to be enjoyed!


  • Start your Fit Water treatment as soon as you finish. You should use one vial per day for a period of 20 days.
  • Preparation:
    1. Shake each vial well before adding to a 500ml-1.5L bottle of water.
    2. If you notice any black residue left in the vial, we recommend you add a small amount of water to the vial and shake again to make sure you benefit from all the properties of this product.
    3. Shake the mix for 20 seconds until well mixed.
    4. Your water is now Dietox water. You can enjoy your Fit Water at any time of the day, although we recommend you drink it between 9am and 12pm for maximum effect.





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