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Advance Plan

Get free from excesses (7 days)

£ 120.00

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Advance Plan

£ 120.00

Get on board with a more comprehensive form of detox therapy lasting 7 days to cleanse your body inside and out. Get it done by completing 2 days of detox juicing&souping therapy and following a cleansing vegan diet the other 5 days.

On top of the cleansing diet, our organic teas and infusions also enhance the detox action of the juices. And if that wasn’t enough, our range of natural biocosmetics works wonders on your hair and skin. The ultimate accessory for the best version of yourself.

This is the ideal plan if:

  • You're getting ready for an upcoming event and need to cleanse your body.
  • You're looking for a professional guide on healthy eating.
  • You can commit to looking after yourself for an entire week.
  • You want to improve your hair by cleansing and hydrating it.
  • You want to follow some consistent guidelines on nutrition and sport.

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12 Detox Juices

licuados frescos Dietox

Complete our 2-day therapy with detox juices and souping that are 100% natural and fresh.

The Advance Booklet*

happy elixir

100% vegan menus, recipes and full directions for the 7 days of the plan.

18 Organic Teas and Infusions


Help enhance the plan's detoxing effects.

A Happy Elixir

happy elixir

Avoid snacking between meals with our anti-cravings mouth spray.

An Organic Cleansing Shampoo

champú purificante

Cleanse and rejuvenate your hair from roots to tips with this lush organic shampoo.

1 Organic Slimming Cream

crema reductora

Show off your firmer, smoother skin and prevent the appearance of cellulite.

An Organic Repair Conditioner

acondicionador reparador bio

Repair damaged hair with this organic conditioner to restore it to that freshly trimmed look.

A Portable Cooler


Carry your juice blends on the go while preserving all their properties.

Dietox APP


Download the Dietox app (available for Apple and Android devices) on your smartphone and tablet. We'll be your personal coach!

*You’ll receive it by email on the day prior to your delivery date; check your spam folder. Download here the shopping list.


Loose a little weight with the 2 day cleansing juice therapy and the 5 day diet you can follow even after completing the plan.

Get enviable hair and skin owing to the natural ingredients in our range of organic cosmetics.

Enjoy better sleep and nightly rest as the body invests less energy on digestion on juicing days, with vitality levels that remain high even after completing the plan.


Calendar advance plan

Delivery process

Composition & Nutritional value

During a full day of Dietox juices (1x500 ml + 4x330 ml + 1x250 ml) you’ll take in a total of 821,5 Kcal, 21,5 g of protein, 24,1 g of fat and 121,9 g of carbohydrates.

*Bio ingredient. Allergens: some of our juice blends may contain CELERY and CASHEW NUTS.


You should store the bottles in the fridge and make sure to take note of the sell by date, which can be found on the box.

On your chosen day of detox therapy do not consume any solid foods. You can have water, as well as teas and infusions.

Respect the order and time period in which to take each bottle (specified on each sticker).

Shake well before opening.

Eat the vegetable creams 3 and 5 with a spoon for a better feeling of fullness and to enhance the absorption of nutrients.

Plan a low fat diet for the day before and after your juice therapy. To make it easier, you will receive by email some menu suggestions the day before you get your delivery.

During your detox therapy, engage in low to medium intensity workouts if you are in the habit of exercising.

Download the Dietox app (available for Apple devices) on your smartphone and tablet. It will be your personal coach!





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