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Combined Plans 

What is a Detox Plan?

Become the best version of yourself by adopting new & healthy eating habits using our Dietox detox plans and packs. Whether your goal is to lose weight, give your body a cleanse, burn fat or redefine your figure, Dietox has the perfect detox plan for you, providing you with all the guidance and products you need. Our team of professional nutritionists have designed a series of detox plans to combine our very best products with complete packs that are guaranteed to get you the results you’re looking for.

Using 100% natural formulas and seasonal ingredients, all plans have been specially designed to meet all of your daily recommended nutritional requirements and minimum calorie intake.

Each detox plan offers a specialised approach to improving your health and lifestyle using a combination of smoothie meal replacements, and detox accelerators such as our Dietox Waters or Snack Balls. Because a lack of time or knowledge when it comes to nutrition is no longer a valid excuse.

Get out there now and take charge of your eating habits. It’s time to bring out the best in yourself and finally start feeling good in your skin. Reset your body with help from our detox plans and packs.