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Pack Souping Lunch

5 x 330ml

£ 47.00

Pack Souping Lunch

£ 47.00

The Souping Lunch Pack includes 5 330ml bottles of the Dietox vegetable cream soup which has been specially designed to make lunch time a healthy delight with just 119.3 Kcal and up to 14 different natural and seasonal ingredients, giving you a detox effect.

When to have a Souping Lunch?

  • When you want to compensate for overindulging the day before, but you don´t want to do a full Dietox day.
  • When you feel like your body needs a rest after a binge or period of eating badly.
  • When you have a big dinner coming up and you want to have a light lunch to compensate.
  • When you want something healthy and easy.
  • When you´re on a detox diet to get rid of excess fluids and lose weight.
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Composition & Nutritional value


Upon receiving your Souping Lunch Pack, store it in the fridge and plan when you´re going to eat each of the light meals. We recommend you do it for at least 5 consecutive days, although you have up to 7 days to finish them all before they hit their expiry date.

You can combine your Souping Lunch with any meal you like throughout the day.

You can have it as a main meal or even complement it with any of the light recipes suggested by our nutritionists, which you will receive via email.

Shake well before opening.

Dietox bottles are not microwave safe. To warm up your soup, pour into a bowl or soup plate and heat in the microwave.

Eat with a spoon for a better feeling of fullness and to enhance the absorption of nutrients.

Download the Dietox App on your smartphone to receive personalised nutritional advice.


Cleansing effect: vegetable based cream soups help your body flush out toxins.

Provide nutrients and vitamins: the combination of different vegetables guarantees a high content of fibre, antioxidants, calcium, vitamins, iron and potassium.

Aids digestion: the soup's ingredients stand out for being light and also help keep your digestive system working properly.

Satiating power: thanks to their texture, content and temperature, they are filling and will calm your hunger, making you feel fuller and more satisfied.

Improve your sleep: your body will be focused on cell regeneration instead of digesting any excess calories consumed, meaning you will sleep better and see visible results in your skin.

Delivery process





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