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Saciant Multipack

1 Pack of Vitality Rooibos + 1 Pack of Saciant Infusion

£ 18.00

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Come mid-morning, you’re dying to snack on something you shouldn’t be having.
The same happens mid-afternoon, when you’re done with your workday
and it’s time to wind down.

What if we introduced you to 2 organic detox infusions guaranteed to get you through those times?

These blends sate your appetite and make you feel lighter, helping your body eliminate what it doesn’t need.

Ideally, drink our Vitality Rooibos teatox from 11AM to 2PM, and our Saciant Infusion blend from 6 to 9 PM.

Saciant Multipack

£ 18.00

Essential benefits

Vitality Rooibos

Get an added supply of minerals to improve the condition of your bones.

Keep your appetite in check throughout the morning without giving in to cravings.

Cleanse your body while helping burn localized fat.

Saciant Infusion

Feel perfectly sated so you’re not ravenous by dinner time.

Hydrate your body, increasing your feeling of lightness even at the end of the day.

Enhance the beneficial effects of any cleansing diet, as you won’t be snacking on things you shouldn’t be having at the most critical time of day.

Main ingredients

Vitality Rooibos



Reap the antioxidant effects of this aspalathin-rich tea with its powerful anti-aging action.



Regulate your glucose levels and keep them stable throughout the day.



Feel refreshed all morning with the mild mint flavour that characterizes this rooibos.

INGREDIENTS: Organic rooibos, cinnamon, mint and natural aromas.

Saciant infusion

alga wakame


Revitalizes your body and mind with its supply of proteins and minerals.

hierba luisa


Calm your appetite and revel in the soothing action of this digestive plant.



Its sating action is the ideal add-on to any detox plan and cleansing diet.

INGREDIENTS: Organic wakame seaweed, organic fennel fruit, organic anise, organic lemon verbena, organic basil and organic dill.