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Relax Multipack

1 Pack of Digestive Infusion + 1 Pack of Relax Infusion

£ 18.00

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Do you have a sweet tooth that hits hard after meals?
Want to stay skinny but just can’t say no to chocolate?
Go healthy!

After meals, drink our digestive infusion. It will help you stay in shape while providing your body with the minerals it needs.

And for a great end of the day, our relaxing infusion will have you dozing off in a matter of minutes, and what’s more, you’ll sleep tight all night through.

Relax Multipack

£ 18.00

Essential benefits

Digestive Infusion

Improve digestion with its high content of cleansing plants.

Increase the absorption of essential nutrients that keep you energized for longer.

Trim your figure thanks to its detoxifying action.

Relax Infusion

Its beneficial action on digestion wards-off feelings of stomach heaviness before bed.

By taking it after a light dinner, you’ll sleep better all night.

Boost your absorption of nutrients while sleeping.

Main ingredients

Digestive Infusion

anís de badián


Prevent the onset of digestive issues with the soothing action of this plant.

cáscara de naranja


Benefit from improved digestion through its high flavonoid content.

flor de azahar


Calm anxiety while lessening the havoc stress wreaks on your stomach.

INGREDIENTS: Star anise, Ceylon cinnamon, decaffeinated coffee, kidneywood, orange rind, fennel, lemon verbena and orange blossom.

Relax Infusion



Cleanses your body and adds a plethora of minerals.



Improves digestion and prevents stomach heaviness after meals.



Induces a soothing state of calmness before bed.

INGREDIENTS: Organic lemon balm, organic chamomile, organic orange blossom, organic lemon verbena, organic lavender and organic thyme.