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Energy Multipack

1 Pack of Energy Black Tea + 1 Pack of Antiox Green Tea

£ 18.00

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Do you need an energy boost to start off the morning and keep you going through the afternoon?  Kick-start yourself and improve your concentration levels with these 2 organic detox tea blends.

At breakfast (between 8 and 11 AM), substitute your coffee for this organic black tea with a hint of mango. In the late afternoon, around 5PM, drink a cup of our organic green tea with notes of lemon, and tread on full-speed ahead.

A brilliant alternative to caffeine and sugar-based artificial stimulants.
 Let these 2 natural organic teatox drinks sweep you off your feet.

You’ll feel the rush of energy at once!

Energy Multipack

£ 18.00

Essential benefits

Energy Black Tea

Helps improve your breathing by relaxing the muscles of the bronchioles.

Boosts your concentration by stimulating the nervous system.

Enhances the detox action, making it the perfect ally against fluid retention.

Antiox Green Tea

Keeps your concentration levels stable throughout the afternoon.

Boosts your energy levels for peak performance without giving in to feelings of tiredness.

Gives your body an antioxidant boost that improves skin condition and wards-off premature aging.

Main ingredients

Energy Black Tea

té negro


Boost your concentration and kick-start yourself into action with its rich supply of minerals.



The carotenes and vitamins in this tropical fruit improve the condition of your skin.

pétalos de girasol


Let the petals in this rich black tea get you the teatox effect you’re after.

INGREDIENTS: Organic black tea, organic sunflower petals and natural aromas.

Antiox Green Tea

té verde


Include world’s 2nd best-loved drink in your day to day, and reap the benefits of its powerful antioxidant and cleansing effects.



Take advantage of this herb’s digestive and analgesic properties to spice up intense afternoons.

INGREDIENTS: Organic green tea and lemongrass.