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Saciant Infusion

20 individual envelopes

£ 9.00

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It’s around 7 PM and you’re finally at home. Fancy raiding the fridge and eating everything in sight? Can you feel the stress you’ve built up all day? Say no!

Sit down and delve into this sating organic infusion that looks after your figure with a blend of marine seaweed, fennel, lemon verbena and basil. The day's decision with the greatest impact on the numbers on the scale, on the short and on the long run. 

“Don’t give up what you want most for what you want now”

Saciant Infusion

£ 9.00


Feel perfectly sated so you’re not ravenous by dinner time.

Hydrate your body, increasing your feeling of lightness even at the end of the day.

Enhance the beneficial effects of any cleansing diet, as you won’t be snacking on things you shouldn’t be having at the most critical time of day.

Main ingredients

alga wakame


Revitalises your body and mind with its protein and mineral boost.

hierba luisa


Calm your appetite and revel in the soothing action of this digestive plant.



Its sating action is the ideal add-on to any detox therapy or cleansing diet.

INGREDIENTS: Organic wakame seaweed, organic fennel fruit, organic anise, organic lemon verbena, organic basil and organic dill.