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Relax Infusion

20 individual envelopes

£ 9.00

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It’s time to wind down and get your system ready for its well-earned rest.

Ease your body and mind into it with this soothing detox infusion with calming action that promotes nightly rest. 

Just think of all the good things that came your way throughout the day, and in a matter of minutes you’ll be immersed in the most restorative of sleeps.

“Wake up with determination. Go bed with satisfaction”

Relax Infusion

£ 9.00


Its beneficial action on digestion wards-off feelings of stomach heaviness before bed.

By taking it after a light dinner, you’ll sleep better all night.

Boost your absorption of nutrients while sleeping.

Main ingredients



Cleanses your body while adding a plethora of minerals.



Improves digestion and prevents stomach heaviness after meals.



Induces a soothing state of calmness before bed.

INGREDIENTS: Organic lemon balm, organic chamomile, organic orange blossom, organic lemon verbena, organic lavender and organic thyme.