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Antiox Green Tea

20 individual envelopes

£ 9.00

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Give your body an additional dose of antioxidants!

It’s natural to feel a little tired mid-afternoon. You’ve been working all morning and, if that wasn’t enough, part of your energy is going towards digestion.

But you still have a long afternoon and evening ahead, so it’s high time to take a short break and delve into the goodness of this organic green tea with a hint of lemon.

“Inhale confidence, exhale doubt”

Antiox Green Tea

£ 9.00


Keep your concentration levels stable throughout the afternoon.

Boost your energy levels for peak performance without giving in to feelings of tiredness.

Give your body an antioxidant boost to improve the condition of your skin and ward-off premature aging.

Main ingredients

té verde


Include world’s 2nd best-loved drink in your day to day, and reap the benefits of its powerful antioxidant and cleansing effects.



Spice up intense afternoons with its digestive and analgesic properties.

INGREDIENTS: Organic green tea and organic lemongrass.