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Plan Relove

3 days’ worth of juices (6x400 ml / day) + pre- and -post Diets + Dietox water + Happy Elixir + Organic Firming Oil + ReLove Manual

£ 185.00

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Plan Relove

£ 185.00

A specialized plan designed to get you back on track after some excesses: 4 days of alkaline vegan diet with 3 days of detox juice therapy, which will give your body the rest and cleansing that it needs. The detox effect is multiplied thanks to Dietox water, and with help from Happy Elixir you will be able to control your appetite. The Organic Firming Oil will tone your skin . In the ReLove Manual you will also find all the help to recuperate all the goodness inside you and squeeze everything you can out of it.

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Composition & Nutritional value

During a full day of Dietox juices (3 x 500 ml + 3 x 330 ml) you’ll take in a total of 986,6 Kcal, 18,23 g of protein, 19,66 g of fat and 174,94 g of carbohydrates.

*Bio ingredient. Allergens: some of our juice blends may contain CELERY and CASHEW NUTS.


On your chosen day of detox juice therapy do not consume any solid foods. You can have water, as well as teas and infusions.

Respect the order and time period in which to take each juice (specified on each bottle).

Shake well and keep calm: enjoy and savour it for at least 30 minutes.

You should store the juices in the fridge and make sure to take note of the sell by date, which can be found on the box.

Plan a low fat diet for the day before and after your juice therapy. To make it easier, you will receive by email some menu suggestions the day before you get your delivery.

During your detox therapy, engage in low to medium intensity workouts if you are in the habit of exercising.

Download the Dietox app (available for Apple devices) on your smartphone and tablet. It will be your personal coach!


Recover from all excesses.

Feel lighter.

Boost your energy levels.

Work on key aspects of your self-esteem in order to get the best out of you.

Give your body and your mind the rest they deserve.

Love yourself again, a lot and a lot!


3 days of organic detox juice therapy

18 detox juices

18 detox juices with organically sourced ingredients, 100% fresh and natural, to be taken for two days in a row.

4 days of pre- and post-Dietox dieting

pre and post-dietox dieting menus

Delicious vegan menus that you can take with you anywhere. Back to work can be delicious!

Dietox® Water

dietox water

Add to your detox therapy by alkalising your water. Its high content of vitamins and active carbon enhance the antiox effect, keeping your defences strong.

Happy Elixir

happy elixir

The perfect remedy against food cravings. Take it with you wherever you go and keep your appetite in check when you need to.

1 Organic Firming Oil

aceite reafirmante natural

Tone your skin minus the greasy feeling with this blend of 7 essential oils.

Dietox Cooler

dietox cooler

Have your detox juices and menus follow you at all times without losing their freshness.

ReLove Plan Booklet


Recipes, advice, shopping lists… You won't be going without.

ReLove Manual

relove manual

To help the body and mind recover, it’s important to work on our emotions. This manual will be your personal coach and help you can achieve your goals. You will feel better than ever before!

Delivery process