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Intense Plan

3 days’ worth of juices (6x400 ml / day) +7-day cleansing diet + organic biocosmetics + add-ons

£ 180.00

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Intense Plan – 10 days View larger

Give your body a much-needed 10-day break by doing an intensive detox plan. You’ll be doing 3 days of organic detox juicing and following a cleansing diet rich in antioxidants for the remaining 7 days

This plan will get you in shape before you know it through our expert combination of dieting, organic teatox and infusions, simple workouts for you to do in your own living room, and organic biocosmetics.

Intense Plan

£ 180.00


Calendario Plan intense 10 días


Lose a noticeable amount of weight owing to the 3 day juice therapy and the 7 day diet you can follow even after completing the plan.

Have your skin looking more radiant than ever. Our juice therapy supplies it with all the nutrients it needs to be its best version. You’ll feel the effects right away.

Set the foundations for a skinny new healthy lifestyle that’s both fun and easy. Staying in shape will no longer be a chore but a real pleasure!


18 Organic Detox Juices

licuados frescos Dietox

Complete our 3-day therapy with organically sourced detox juices that are 100% natural and fresh.

18 Organic Teas and Infusions


Add teatox to your plan to enhance its detoxing effects.

1 Happy Elixir

happy elixir

Avoid snacking between meals with our anti-cravings mouth spray.

1 Organic Cleansing Shampoo

champú purificante

Cleanse and rejuvenate your hair from roots to tips with this lush organic shampoo.

1 Organic Exfoliating Gel

gel exfoliante

Remove impurities from your face and body for skin that looks its absolute best.

1 Organic Repair Conditioner

acondicionador reparador bio

Repair damaged hair with this organic conditioner to restore it to that freshly trimmed look.

1 Organic Slimming Cream

crema reductora

Show off your firmer, smoother skin and prevent the appearance of cellulite.

1 Organic Firming Oil

aceite reafirmante natural

Tone your skin minus the greasy feeling with this blend of 7 essential oils.

1 Fit Skipping Rope


Strengthen your bones and joints while jumping our Dietox skipping rope.

1 Portable Cooler


Carry your juice blends on the go while preserving all their properties.

Intense Booklet*

librito plan intense

Download here the shopping list and order the plan to get access to its full contents: 100% vegan menus, recipes and full directions for the 10 days of the plan.
*You’ll receive it by email on the day prior to your delivery date; check your spam folder.


Keep in mind that though you’re not to ingest solid foods during your detox juice day, you are allowed water, and detox teas and infusions between juices. You’ll feel sated at all times!

Pay close attention to the right order and time period in which to take each juice (specified on each bottle), as each contain the necessary ingredients for that moment of the day.

Shake well, then drink and savour the juice for at least 30 minutes to ensure every nutrient is properly absorbed. Revel in the gorgeous blend of flavours!

You’ll receive your juices in an isothermal box with ice packs so they stay fresh throughout the hours-long journey to your address. When you receive them, they’ll need to be stored in the fridge at a temperature between 2° and 7°C. Keep in mind that they’re made with fresh fruits and vegetables!

Eat a low fat diet the days before and after, paying particular attention to how foods are cooked. The day before you receive your order, we’ll email you with some menu suggestions put together by our in-house team of nutritionists. We’ll keep giving you ideas every step of the way!

Perform a low-intensity workout, if you are in the habit of exercising.

Fitness Videos

Dietox® Fitness Videos Youtube

Composition & Nutritional Values

During a full day of Dietox juice therapy (6 x 400 ml.) you’ll take in a total of 1160 Kcal, 22 g of protein, 17.6 g of fat, and 222 g of carbohydrates.

*Allergens: some of our juice blends may contain CELERY and CASHEW NUTS.