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Add-Ons to Intensify Your Detox Plan 

If you´ve already started your detox lifestyle, you will know that there is much more to it than just the 6 cleansing juices that are included in the therapy. In order to achieve a more complete experience and holistic effect, we have created a line of accompanying products, called Detox Plus, offering many complementary products to help you keep up your healthy habits, as well as make your life easier, and/or give you a much needed boost in nutrients and vitamins.

  • You can easily incorporate detox and alkaline effects into your daily routine by simply adding a vial of Dietox water to 500 ml of water. Glass bottle included!
  • Combat unhealthy snacking with a dose of tryptophan and vitamins with mint flavouring. Happy Elixir is your best friend when it comes to fighting against anxiety and cravings.
  •  If you are someone who is constantly on the move and you don´t want to have to sacrifice your Dietox day, our portable cooler is an essential accessory to allow you to take your dietox juices with you everywhere you go.