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Detox Juices: Cleanse Your Body 

Organic Detox Juice Therapy (3 x 330 ml & 3 x 500 ml/day)

Remove from your system what it doesn’t need with a 1 to 5 day detox juice therapy.

It entails taking 6 organic detox juices throughout the day. You may combine them with Dietox® water and infusions, but not ingest any solids for the duration of your day of juicing.

It’s important to adhere to the order and time periods indicated for each juice. Why?  Our juice blends have been carefully formulated by our team of nutritionists to meet all your nutritional and energetic requirements for each time of the day, amounting to a collective energetic value of approximately 1000 kcal/day. The Summer Edition is a detox therapy that fulfils our daily fibre needs, with minimum calories and fat. Furthermore, each therapy is 100% complete with all the vitamins our body needs on a daily basis: A, B12, C, B2, D and B1.

When it comes to overall composition, our juices are not just blends of fruits and vegetables because besides being made with organic ingredients, they’re enhanced with plant-derived proteins and superfoods. With the addition of ingredients such as aloe Vera, kale and red wine vinegar, we will obtain a higher detox effect.

Moreover, they have a high vegetable to fruit ratio, making them much healthier and lower in sugars. The protein content is much higher, contributing to a feeling of fullness, but with no extra calories.

Immediate notable benefits:

  • Weight loss
  • Instant feeling of lightness
  • Removal of excess fluids
  • Body gets an overhaul
  • Restoring rest
  • Improved condition of skin