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Operation Body Bliss - 7 Days

12 Organic Juices (6 x 300 ml + 6x500 ml) + Pre- & Post-Dietox Diets + Dietox Water + Organic Cosmetics + Happy Elixir

£ 160.00

Operation Body Bliss - 7 Days

£ 160.00

Get ready for the summer in one week. With this comprehensive detox kit you'll feel proud and radiant in your brand new bikini. The combination of 2 days of juice therapy + your Dietox Water + 5 days of a cleansing vegan, detox and alkaline diet will give you the lightness and look you are after without going hungry. And thanks to our natural cosmetics, your skin will be ready to get some sunshine and glow all summer long. Moreover, there are special menus for the beach!


Reach your ideal weight in a healthy and easy way, adapted to your pace of life and to each moment of your day.

Eliminate excess fluids your body doesn't need, and little by little you'll feel increasingly lighter as the hours go by.

Boost your vitality and energy levels. Your change of mindset leads to a positive attitude by which you'll face each moment of the day in a good mood.

Your skin and hair will thank you: the nutrients in this detox therapy give them that gloss, strength and elasticity they were missing.

Rest more and rest better, as you eliminate the energetic expenditure of digesting.

Feel your mind more active, agile and focused.


2 days of organic detox juice therapy

12 detox juices

12 detox juices with organically sourced ingredients, 100% fresh and natural, to be taken for two days in a row.

5 days of pre- and post-Dietox dieting

pre and post-dietox dieting menus

Delicious vegan menus that you can take with you anywhere. Summer's are made for spending time outdoors!

Dietox® Water

dietox water

Add to your detox therapy by alkalising your water. Its high content of vitamins and active carbon enhance the antiox effect, keeping your defences strong.

Happy Elixir

happy elixir

The perfect remedy against food cravings. Take it with you wherever you go and keep your appetite in check when you need to.

Organic Slimming Cream

slimming cream

Made with 100% natural ingredients, this lotion moisturises your skin and helps reduce cellulite.

Organic Firming Oil

firming oil

This blend of 7 essential oils and carrots tones your skin, prevents premature ageing, and contributes to achieving an even, beautiful tan.

Dietox Cooler

dietox cooler

Have your detox juices and menus follow you at all times without losing their freshness.

Body Bliss Booklet


We won't leave your side. You'll have an exclusive guide to ensure you successfully achieve your goal. Recipes, advice, shopping lists… You won't be going without.

Fitness Videos

fitness videos

Physical activity is an essential ingredient in Operation Body Bliss. Find a number of workouts indicated for full body toning on our YouTube channel.

Composition & Nutritional value

During a full day of Dietox juices (1x500 ml + 3x330 ml + 2x250 ml) you’ll take in a total of 888,8 Kcal, 16,2 g of protein, 38,68 g of fat and 116,5 g of carbohydrates.

*Bio ingredient. Allergens: some of our juice blends may contain CELERY and CASHEW NUTS.