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We Are the Original

We pioneered detox juice cleanses in Spain in 2012. Ever since then, we've been constantly innovating to make Dietox therapies more complete, simpler and more effective every day.

Guidance & Coaching

Our entire team is at your disposal to adapt the plan of your choice to your needs. Moreover, we offer a coaching service on the Dietox App (available for Apple devices). Let us show you how much fun looking after yourself can be.

Detox Plans

Holistic plans created by our team of nutritionists, where days of detox juice cleanses are combined with the perfect add-ons, including a cleansing alkaline diet for the preceding and subsequent days.

Natural Recipes

All the ingredients in our fresh juices, our natural range of cosmetics, and our teas and infusions are fresh and natural. Quality is not something we are willing to compromise on.


At DIETOX we want you to discover the benefits of a detox diet in the healthiest, easiest and most enjoyable way. The body is naturally equipped to eliminate toxins but your diet and lifestyle can put it under undue stress. Our detox juice cleanse contains fruits and vegetables, as well as superfoods and plant-based proteins, so you can indulge in days of supernutrition with maximal nutrients and minimal calories. Your metabolism processes these nutrients with little effort, leaving you fully energized for your daily activities. Cleanse your body with one or more days of detox therapy with organic juices, depending on your preferred intensity, and feel the effects immediately. Moreover, we also include dietary guidelines so you can watch your diet before and after your cleanse to maximise its benefits.

If, besides cleansing your system, you are looking to lose weight but have a hard time getting organised, we recommend our plans, designed by our team of in-house nutritionists. These combine our detox juice therapy with a cleansing, alkaline diet rich in antioxidants for your pre- and post-Dietox days. In addition, they include the perfect add-ons for each plan. Learning to look after yourself by resetting your body has never been this easy.


Us, Dietoxers, are everywhere (you’ll find us across all of Europe!) and you’ll recognise us by our cheerfulness, because our skin is specially dewy, and because we love feeling healthy, active, and in shape through a balanced diet. We know it’s not always easy, and that’s why we’ve designed each of our products: so that looking after yourself is easier, more fun, and completely organic! Our detox plans and fresh juices increase your sense of wellbeing, and you’ll notice you feel lighter and sleep better. Moreover, our in-house team of nutritionists reformulates Dietox's juice therapy every 6 months, adding innovative ingredients and always taking into account the vegetables and fruits that are in season.

Our products have been conceived to:

  1. Be the perfect kick-off to a new diet. We are your change of mindset!
  2. Get you to look better for an important event.
  3. Recover after days of excesses.

Get ready to reset your body in a healthy, convenient and fun way! It's time to join the DIETOX lifestyle. Click here to learn more.

Welcome to the world of DIETOX!